About Stewart/Dunklee

Stewart/Dunklee is Ontario’s premier boutique accounting firm that specializes exclusively on real estate, specifically Realtors, Brokerages, and Investors.

Stewart/Dunklee profile
Founders of Stewart/Dunklee – left: Kevin Dunklee, right: Perry Stewart

Our firm

Stewart/Dunklee was founded by Perry Stewart and Kevin Dunklee because they are continually inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of Realtors. Their complimentary experience and industry knowledge creates the ideal opportunity to serve your industry.

Real Estate is our focus. Our mission is to make real estate administration easy for you.

Our Experience

Kevin Dunklee is a licensed Real Estate Broker and former operational manager at one of Canada’s largest franchise brokerages. Some highlights of Kevin’s experience includes: forming sub-brokerages, establishing brokerage policies and procedures, training administrative staff, navigating a number of RECO audits, and preforming accounting operations of a large brokerage.

Perry Stewart is experienced in tax management from a “Big 4” accounting firm. The scope of Perry’s experience is in a broad range of complex personal, corporate, and indirect tax (GST/HST) matters. Perry held many roles including: tax preparation, review, training, and mentoring for a staff of over thirty people.

Contact Us

Contact us to arrange an in-person or virtual consultation for your real estate business, brokerage, or investment portfolio, so you can focus on what you do best.

Contact us for a consultation at: info@stewartdunklee.com